Traveling in Peru: the time is now

Traveling in Peru: the time is now, Aracari Travel

In the week of May 17th, 2021, Aracari marked an incredibly special occasion. We welcomed our first guest since before the pandemic back for a luxury vacation in Peru. Astrid chose to travel to Peru from Switzerland, in order to experience our Classic Luxury Peru; an itinerary designed to take in the must-see destinations whilst traveling to Peru.

As has always been the case, Astrid stayed at some of the best hotels in Peru, in suites that showcase the very best of Peruvian hospitality. She also dined in our most recommended Peruvian restaurants, many of which are owned by long-time friends of Aracari, and enjoyed experiences guided by prominent local artists, historians and chefs. But there was one major difference between travelling now compared with 18 months ago: no crowds, no queues and the chance to travel Peru in private.


The time to travel to Peru is now

Whilst some restrictions remain in place, Peru is open to international travelers. Slowly, visitors are returning to the destinations that have been persevered by the pandemic. Spectacled bears are returning to the ruins of Machu Picchu, the streets of Cusco’s ancient city are empty but for locals. 

This is an incredibly rare opportunity for guests to travel in Peru in a way that might never be possible again. Because so few people know of Peru’s open borders, the time to travel is now – before the crowds return. 

The Inca Trail Reopens from July 15th 

Just this week, the Inca Trail has been given a date for reopening. From July 15th travelers will be able to travel to Peru and complete the incredible Inca Trail to Machu Picchu during their luxury Peru vacation. This is welcome news for those offering trips to Peru, however with operational capacity of just 50% – we believe the Inca Trail will soon become full. Once this happens, it’s likely there will be a backlog of guests hoping to trek to Machu Picchu whilst on holiday in Peru. 

So, to avoid disappointment, our advice as a luxury tour operator in Peru is to travel now. Aracari is open for business and delighted to host you for your vacation in Peru. With the following information we hope will give you peace of mind about the situation locally and what to expect whilst traveling in Peru with us.



Safety and COVID-19 Protocol 

Each Aracari itinerary has been designed following the utmost safety guidance and local COVID-19 travel protocol. These measures help to ensure that our guests can enjoy a safe and seamless vacation in Peru

Marisol and her team have worked tirelessly to curate experiences so that our guests needn’t have their luxury holiday in Peru interrupted by local restrictions. Outside of taking care of your own personal safety measures – such as hand washing and wearing a face mask, our expert guides will take care of the rest; from booking a table in a reduced capacity restaurant to booking attractions ahead of time. 


What to expect when you arrive in Peru 

On arrival at any airport in Peru, you will have to present the compulsory documentation required by your airline prior to your flight. Aracari teams have been fully briefed in order to help guests from different countries find out exactly what these documents are, and what preparation is necessary before you fly out. 

Due to COVID restrictions there is currently no airport staff permitted to help with luggage in the terminal. However, since your Aracari representative will be waiting for you outside of the arrivals lounge, this isn’t a problem. Aracari arranges for private coronavirus testing for all our guides, representatives and drivers ahead of and during guest stays.   

Once at your luxury transfer vehicle, your luggage will be disinfected and placed in the car by the driver, we will also request that you spray your shoes with the disinfectant.  Of course, our vehicles are also thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.

Guests will then receive Aracari’s welcome pack, within which you’ll find masks, sanitizing gel and plastic visors which are needed during domestic and international flights in Peru, and on certain occasions – in public places. Our efforts to ensure sustainable travel are also hugely important to us, so each guest will receive a refillable water bottle – all sanitized prior. 


What to expect when in hotels, restaurants and attractions  

It is Peruvian law that you use your mask in all indoor and outdoor public spaces. At present, there are no exceptions for those travelers who have been fully vaccinated. Since Peru is a vast country, with different provincial governments, your guide or concierge will advise you on the local rules and regulations as you move around this incredible country.

Most of Peru’s attractions are open for business as usual. Bookings are required to account for reduced capacity, and Aracari will take care of everything so you needn’t worry. Likewise, Peru’s world-renowned restaurants are also open, both indoors and outdoors. There are restrictions on hours and capacity, so again, our team will make every arrangement on your behalf. 

It’s important to note guests may at times have their temperature taken when you enter museums and other attractions. 


We are waiting to welcome you 

Like Astrid, and the many other guests who are travelling with Aracari in the coming weeks to enjoy Peru in private, you too can take advantage of this unique and sacred time to travel. 

Our expert hunch tells us that when the skies open once more, we will see a boom in international exploration as people seek out the adventures they have so sorely missed over the last 18 months. Beat the rush, speak to Marisol and her team today about creating a bespoke Peru travel itinerary like no other. 

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