Travel with Purpose: Stories of Sustainability

Travel with Purpose: Stories of Sustainability, Aracari Travel

At Aracari, we have spent the last 25 years’ fostering meaningful relationships with local suppliers, responsible hotels, indigenous communities and environmental initiatives. That’s because as a leading, luxury travel agent –regenerative, conscious and sustainable travel in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Galapagos has always been inherent to what we offer our guests. Designing unforgettable travel experiences that intertwine a luxurious vacation to Peru with what truly matters: protecting our fragile region and the people who live here.


Stories of Sustainability

The pandemic gave us time to really take stock of what our partners are doing to wholeheartedly embrace sustainable travel. Marisol and her team wanted to truly unearth all the different projects, initiatives and grassroots organizations that Aracari’s partners are supporting. The purpose of doing so was to ensure that as a luxury travel company, we are always facilitating authentic, sustainable tourism for our guests traveling to Peru and beyond.

Once we reached out to our partners, many of whom are long-time friends of Marisol – we discovered stories even more incredible than we could have imagined.  So, from ingenious ways of transforming organic waste into fertilizer in the Amazon rainforest, to a Special Needs and Scholarship program for disadvantaged children in the Sacred Valley – we are proud to bring you five of our favorite sustainability stories.


  1. Titilaka

Titilaka is located on the south-eastern shore of Lake Titicaca in Peru on a tranquil private peninsula shared only with a local indigenous Aymara community. Over the years, the Titilaka team have worked hard to support the locals who live here. They employ over three-quarters of their staff from the local villages and have created social programs to help vulnerable women and the elderly. This deep-rooted care for the community has meant that guests who visit the property have an incredibly enriching experience, authentically learning about the locals and their culture.

And with conscious recycling and waste management, alongside a plastic-free policy and responsible usage of water through saving techniques, constant monitoring, and purification treatment – this is a hotel protecting both place and people.

  1. Gocta Natura


Nested deep in the Peruvian Amazon, Gocta Natura is a family business born out of adoration and respect for the vast, lush landscapes of the Cocachimba region. Our friend, the founder and owner of Gocta Natura –  Rocio Florez has brought his lifelong love for the rainforest into every element of the company’s core ethos: to operate sustainably and in harmony with nature.

Since founding the Reserve, Rocio and his team have planted 13,422 trees as part of their ever-growing reforestation program. As part of that program, the team transform organic waste into fertilizer for the surrounding area – including the property’s kitchen-garden.

And outside of the flora and fauna, Gocta Natura provide mentoring and economic aid to help local families to become sustainable and independent – supporting the means for growth, just like the forest.

  1. Sol y Luna

Sol y Luna is a property inspired by the illuminous blue skies and red of earth of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In this idyllic setting, the architecture is in keeping with the breathtaking surroundings, as well as the nearby archeological Inca sites. But this hotel is so much more that fixtures and fittings.

The team here have established the Sol y Luna Association, a non-profit civil institution fully financed by the hotel earnings, alongside voluntary contributions from guests, friends and benefactors. The Association supports the Sol y Luna Intercultural School and four foster homes which houses disadvantaged children from highland communities and generates training and sustainable employment for members of the community. As close friends with the team at Sol y Luna, Aracari has been a big supporter of their incredible projects for several years.

In the words of Petit Miribel, the property’s owner – ‘For us, this is a life choice, we dedicate ourselves to this, we live for this. It’s not a simple trend or marketing strategy.’ And you can discover more of Petit’s inspiring, passionate words on Sol y Luna by revisiting a webinar she hosted for Aracari back in May 2020.



  1. Rainforest Expeditions

As pioneers of eco-tourism in Tambopata, Peru – Rainforest Expeditions SAC is a company with a long history of sustainable practices. Having founded the Tambopata Research Center (TRC), located deep into the forest in a remote area of the Natural Reserve of Tambopata, Rainforest Expeditions SAC have built partnerships with many major players in conservation of biodiversity in the region, including local authorities, native communities and international research teams. Working together, they work to preserve the biodiversity that the Tambopata region provides to the world.

The TRC plays a pivotal role in several key projects, from the continuous monitoring of jaguars and aerobotany to the discovery of new species. Rainforest Expeditions SAC consider the local native community, the Comuindad Infierno, to be their key partners. Profits generated from their sustainable tourism in Peru goes directly to the community so they can manage the money how they deem right. The Comuindad Infierno also have a say in all decisions relating to any changes that could impact the surrounding environment.

“The only way to accomplish biodiversity conservation on the planet, is ensuring that the local communities are involved, and that the wealth generated goes straight back to them. That will give those directly involved the necessary incentives to protect their ecosystem.”

Eduardo Nycander, co-Founder of Rainforest Expeditions.

  1. Inkaterra

Established in 1975, Inkaterra has always been at the forefront of ecotourism and sustainable travel in Peru. Inkaterra have spent the past four decades dedicated to authentic travel experiences for those traveling in Peru, aiming to preserve biodiversity and local cultures.

It’s these tireless sustainability efforts that have gained them numerous prestigious accolades in relation to their environmental responsibility. These efforts include reforestation initiatives, being part of the Machu Picchu Carbon Neutral program and taking measures to ensure conscious waste management, which supports local plastic and oil pyrolyzing.

And that’s not mentioning the 540 bird species have been inventoried in hotel grounds – your very own nature reserve just outside beyond the door of your hotel suite.


Curate your own sustainable itinerary

We hope, like us – you’ve been captivated by these stories of sustainability. For Marisol and her team, it’s been a real thrill to discover how many incredible projects are being undertaken by each of Aracari’s exclusive partners – all with the aim of ensuring sustainable tourism in Peru.

To speak to us about curating your own tailormade Peru vacation, focused on the utmost sustainability – get in touch today.

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