The Best Fine-Dining Restaurants in Bolivia

The Best Fine-Dining Restaurants in Bolivia, Aracari Travel

Bolivia has become one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the Andean Region. Creativity and innovation are leading the charge, with world-famous chefs taking traditional techniques and local ingredients in exciting new directions. Haute cuisine has grown exponentially in the country as visitors and locals alike seek out the most exquisite dining experiences.

If you want to sample Bolivian fine dining for yourself, here are four restaurants you must visit.

Gustu, La Paz

Calle 10 300, Esq. Av. Costanera, Calacoto

Celebrated as one of the best restaurants in South America, Gustu has been drawing a crowd since it opened in 2013. It was founded by Noma’s Claus Meyer, a Danish chef and entrepreneur.

Gustu offers a high-end tasting menu as well as single dishes. All of the ingredients are sourced locally – and there are plenty of ingredients to source. Bolivia has more than one thousand varieties of potato and a dizzying array of fruits, vegetables and herbs not grown anywhere else in the world.

Until recently, the experimental menus were designed by head chef Kamilla Seidler, recently voted the best female chef in Latin America. Now, the restaurant is headed up by Marisa Taha, a young Bolivian chef who has worked in the Gusto kitchen for years.

Open Monday to Saturday 12pm-3pm, 6:30pm-10pm.

Sunday 12pm-3pm

Proyecto Nativa, Kachi Lodge, Uyuni

Uyuni salt flats, Jirira community

Fine dining at 3,660 meters above sea level might seem like an unlikely concept, but the restaurant Proyecto Nativa on the Uyuni salt flats shows that it is certainly not impossible.

Formely known as Gustu La Paz, as of January 2020 the restaurant at Kachi Lodge has been entrusted to one of the rising stars of Bolivian cuisine, Juan Pablo Gumiel.  The chef speaks with passion about the cuisine of his childhood and has invented many original dishes inspired by his upbringing and the salt flat challenging location.

Despite limited electricity and outdoorsy atmosphere, dining at Proyecto Nativa is still high-end. The menus change almost daily and might include such dishes as Mousse de eucalipto con chocolate blanco (Eucalyptus mousse with white chocolate). Meals are served with local wines from the Tarija region.

Open Tuesday – Sunday from 6:30pm until late.


Ona, La Paz

Calle 16 No 8052 between Julio Patiño and Sánchez Bustamante Calacoto

Ona is an ancient Pukina word meaning ‘gift’ and Ona is a gift to La Paz’s fine dining scene. It is located at the top of Atix Hotel and led by a team of passionate Bolivian chefs.

Using only fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients, the chefs have designed an exciting menu inspired by the culinary traditions of Bolivia. Expect to see unique ingredients and contemporary twists to traditional dishes.

The atmospheric restaurant and attentive staff make this the perfect spot for a romantic meal.

Open daily 7am-10:30pm.

Ali Pacha, La Paz

Calle Colón 1306 Esq. Potosí, Zona Central

Ali Pacha offers plant-based fine dining, with options for a three, five or seven-course vegan tasting menu.

Sustainability is of upmost importance to the chefs here. They are committed to using ingredients in a way that is respectful to both the natural environment and the farmers/producers. For Ali Pacha this means avoiding over-produced ingredients and instead taking advantage of Bolivia’s incredible vegetable diversity.

Open Monday to Saturday 12pm-3pm, 7pm-10pm.


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