Palacio Nazarenas: Further raising the bar for hotels in Cusco

Aracari’s Weekly Insight

The Question:

Which is the most hotly anticipated hotel opening in Cusco next year?

The Answer:

The most hotly anticipated hotel in Cusco, due to open in June 2012, Palacio Nazarenas is set to raise the bar for accommodation in Peru higher still. This gorgeous hotel, a colonial convent refurbished by Orient-Express, will be a refined and fashionable property featuring 55 suites lavished in the most luxurious décor and amenities.

“Nazarenas” is the name adorned upon the hotel because it is located in a former convent of nuns of the same name – beaterio de Las Nazarenas. The property was constructed in the late 17th century for a congregation of women who bore the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Orient-Express has undertaken an extensive restoration project on the building, and the property will make full use of original features such as wall paintings and frescoes.

Now, considering that the hotel is located right next door to Orient-Express’ other flagship hotel, Monasterio, it could certainly be considered a challenge to distinguish Palacio Nazarenas from one of the best hotels in South America. Yet Orient-Express has managed this brilliantly, and the all-suite hotel will be completely unique in style and atmosphere.

The décor is all being sourced from within Peru, so you can expect the like of fine Pima cotton, exquisite Andean textiles and hand carved wooden furniture in abundance. Traditional Peruvian design and techniques will run throughout the hotel, taking inspiration from Inca and Colonial styles alike, as well as the convergence between the two.

The spa has been designed as an indulgent place to relax, again reflecting both Inca and colonial styles in Cusco. It will incorporate themes of ancient rituals of Andean cultures and will be adorned with plants and running water to create an authentic natural atmosphere. There will be no menu, and guests will be able to define their own personalised treatments.

As would be expected, the service at Palacio Nazarenas will be top notch, with personal attention provided by a concierge and butler. Guests will have a pre-loaded iPad with restaurant and spa options, pillow menu, city guide and much more.

All of these features ensure that Aracari guests will be able to choose according to their tastes and preference when it comes to choosing between Monasterio and Palacio Nazarenas, as well as the many other stunning options for hotels in Cusco.

Orient-Express has a wonderful blog revealing new things about the palace every week. Here you can follow the exciting story of a new hotel being launched, and find out about everything from stories behind historic rooms in the building to what type of cutlery they’re thinking of using in the restaurant.

There are contributions from the key protagonists who are developing the hotel: managers, designers and architects all have their say. We strongly encourage you to check it out: (it certainly helped to write this article!)


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