Aracari’s Latest Peru travel guides meeting in Cusco

Aracari’s Latest Peru travel guides meeting in Cusco, Aracari Travel

Aracari’s Operations Manager Vicky has recently returned from Cusco after meeting with Aracari’s top peru travel guides in the region, one of several meetings that we organise throughout the year.

Aracari’s Expert Peru Travel Guides

With tourism in Peru concentrated around Machu Picchu and Cusco, the majorty of our guides work in this area. Many have been working with Aracari for over twenty years, when the company was founded by Marisol Mosquera in 1996, and have seen tourism evolve and transform since then. As such, we regularly hold events and meetings with our trusted travel guides to share company news, gain their invaluable feedback from the field and regognize their achievements.

This particular meeting, which was attended by around 23 of our guides, was held in the trendy restaurant Inka Fusion. Vicky and the guides sat down to discuss new ideas, improvements to our service and recent experiences with Aracari guests.

Innovation Competition for Guides

Vicky also presented prizes to two lucky winners of our “Innovation” competition. We asked all of our guides in Cusco to come up with new ideas to improve and expand Aracari’s service with the alluring prize of either a stay at a mountain lodge in the Cordillera Blanca or a luxury jungle cruise along the Amazon for the best idea.

Both of our guides Fernando Silva and Juan Llanos had excellent ideas, so we decided to present both prizes, one to each of them, and to invite a friend or significant other to enjoy their reward.

Aracari’s approach to Guiding

We believe expert guiding in Peru is what makes a good trip great and understand that only with an insightful, friendly, highly-knowledgeable fluent English-speaking guide can you bo beyond the surface to understand and enjoy Peru on a tailormade trip to the region.

How we pick our expert Peru travel guides

Language fluency and degree-level education is a pre-requisite. We look for guides with diverse backgrounds across fields like anthropology, music or education. Many are often working archaeologists or teachers who thoroughly enjoy sharing their detailed knowledge with our guests. As well as being passionate about their subjects and excellent communicators, undergo first-aid training, be respectful, responsible and dependable. Being friendly and having a good sense of humour equally important.


Our guests regularly give us tremendous feedback for their guides. One guest even told us that they “didn’t even open the Peru book I bought … our guides were a better source!” . 

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