Kevin Floerke, Aracari Specialist

Kevin Floerke, Aracari Specialist, Aracari Travel

Aracari is thrilled to introduce you to our photography and archaeology specialist, Kevin Floerke. With 9 years of experience working in Peru, Kevin is a United States native with a wealth of information on Incan archaeology, and photography techniques for shooting Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Aracari can connect you with Kevin, one of our many top Peru specialists, on any private, tailormade trip to Peru. He is the perfect companion for travelers looking to experience Peru through the eyes (and lens) of a professional photographer and archaeologist.

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Kevin Floerke: One of Aracari’s Top Peru Specialists

Kevin Floerke, Aracari Specialist, Aracari Travel

Archaeology Expertise

Kevin is a charismatic young professional with extensive accomplishments and energy that make him a great guide and specialist on a tailormade trip to Peru. A graduate from UCLA, Kevin’s archaeology accolades include working with the Smithsonian Institute to help create the most extensive map of the Inca Road system in the Cusco Valley to date, leading explorations and excavations in the Yanama Valley north of Choquequirao, directing data collection and mapmaking for The Great Inca Trail expedition, and accompanying National Geographic sponsored expeditions in Peru.

Photography Expertise

Over the course of time he has spent exploring the Andes on these archaeological expeditions, including challenging hikes over little-visited terrain, Kevin simultaneously pursued his professional photography and filmmaking passions. Kevin’s media work has been featured in prestigious outlets such as BBC Travel, and the Outdoor Channel.

Kevin’s passion for photography and archaeology may seem like standalone talents, but interestingly enough they go perfectly hand in hand. When he joined the team for The Great Inca Trail project- which was hiking for 5 months with a llama train from Cuenca, Ecuador to Cusco, Peru- the expedition welcomed him aboard to collect archaeological data on the road itself. As he hiked with the project for 30 days, he photographed and filmed their work. This ended up being published in BBC Travel, spreading knowledge and information about The Great Inca Trail initiative.

Expert guiding in Peru as one of Aracari’s Top Peru Specialists

Kevin’s depth of Incan archaeological knowledge and history expertise, combined with his passion for photography and filmmaking, make him an excellent companion for guests looking for expert guiding in Peru. Kevin guides for Aracari at Incan ruins, leads multi-day adventurous treks, and gentler one day hikes around Cusco – including to archaeological sites he helped excavate – as well as photography tours in Cusco city and the surrounding the area. In the words of Kevin, “I’m up for anything really. If clients have crazy ideas and want to put on their explorer pants for a while I can take them anywhere they want to go.” Spoken like a true adventurer!

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