Climbing Peru’s highest mountain Huascaran

Charity Climb to the Summit of Huascaran

If you read our blog article on Living Heart last week and felt moved to help the NGO, then you’ll be very impressed to hear what Englishman Luke Blezard is doing to support the charity.

Peru’s Highest Mountain

The 27-year-old has spent the last three years living and working in Lima, Luke will be attempting to summit the highest mountain in Peru and the earth’s tropics, no less, in an astonishing attempt to raise a five-figure sum to support Living Heart’s various projects.

Mount Huascaran in Huaraz

“It was in May 2012 when I first went to Huaraz with my father and his partner that the idea was born,” Luke explained to us when we caught up with him in Lima. “The very first moment I saw Mt. Huascaran I knew right there and then that I had to climb it. Why? That’s simple. I have always enjoyed a challenge and have always been of a curious nature, so climbing the highest mountain in Peru to see what the view would be like seemed like a perfect project!”

“However, this wasn’t enough, I wanted to do something more. I wanted to do something for Peru as well as for myself. Having thought about the many memories and opportunities that Peru has given me, I wanted to leave something for others and this was what prompted me to start an international charity campaign.  Besides supporting a local Andean community my goal is to create hope and inspiration in the children that live there so that they will believe that with hard work and commitment they too can succeed in realizing their dreams and achieving whatever they put their minds to.”

“Choosing a charity to raise money for can often be a slow, time consuming and difficult process, especially when you are in less developed countries and aren’t familiar with the local charities. My advice to anyone doing this would be to take your time and get to know the charity well and the people that run it before immersing yourself fully. You will inevitably become emotionally involved at some point with the people you are helping, so it must feel right, as it is what is going to come from your heart that will make the big difference.”

Living Heart Peru NGO

“Once I found Living Heart Peru my search for a charity was well and truly over. If ever there is an inspiration to us all to help the less fortunate, 82 year old Sonia Newhouse is certainly one of them. Having taken the brave decision to leave her life and home in England and move to Peru, she began her adventure by dedicating two years in Cusco as a volunteer, where she began to live and work closely with the people of the Sacred Valley.”

To share the expedition and experience Luke has dedicated a Facebook page to the cause, which is intended to serve as a digital diary from start to finish. The Facebook page is filled with information about the charity and also shows you how you can become part of the project by showing your support with a donation. He has documented all of his training, the highs and lows and also openly encourages people to comment and show their support.

If you would like to become a sponsor and get involved in this remarkable project or would just like to find out more, visit Luke’s facebook page and read the ‘About Section’ or go to the Living Heart donation page to make a contribution.

The Cordillera Blanca

Those intrigued by the idea of hiking in the Andes are enamored with Huascarán National Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve situated in the northern Huaraz region of Peru. The Cordillera Blanca Mountain range is full of high peaks offering some incredible vistas and amazing walking routes. The Cordillera Blanca is the highest tropical mountain range in the world and thus a haven for climbers as it enjoys a longer season than other climbing hotspots such as the Himalayas.

Check out Aracari’s Cordillera Blanca Trekking itinerary or contact us to speak to an expert travel planner for advice and information on planning a trip to Peru.

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