Galapagos: Glamour aboard the Aqua Mare

Galapagos: Glamour aboard the Aqua Mare, Aracari Travel

The allure of Galapagos Island travel has for generations, appealed to the intrepid explorer within all of us.

Scattered 1000 kilometres off the coast of Ecuador, these 35 volcanic islands and the unique wildlife that lives here, are a source of deep fascination, making a vacation to the Galapagos Islands a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Yet as well as being part of their appeal, the remote location of the Galapagos means its destination that requires careful planning. For over a quarter-century, Aracari has been at the forefront of luxury Galapagos Island travel. Our experience means that from the best time to visit the Galapagos Islands, to the most recommended hotels, we have the knowledge and contacts to connect you to the perfect Galapagos Island trip.


A new era of Galapagos Island travel

It’s because of our world-renowned expertise, that when one of our long-standing partners in the region launches a new way to experience the Archipelago, we are one of the first to know. And this latest announcement from Aqua Expeditions, is one that has us head-over-heels for where luxury Galapagos Island travel is headed in 2022.


The Galapagos Islands’ first superyacht experience

In a ground-breaking new venture, Aqua Expeditions will become the first tour operator to charter a superyacht to cruise the Galapagos Islands. The Aqua Mare will take an iconic trip to the Galapagos Islands to new heights. And quite literally too, its soaring scale and space is 50 metres of the finest Italian craftsmanship.

On board, seven large suites, a sun deck, beach club and outdoor dining area, all feature custom interiors designed exclusively by celebrated yacht designer François Zuretti. Finished with immaculate attention to detail, the Aqua Mare makes for the ultimate luxury retreat from which to explore the dramatic volcanic landscape of the Galapagos.

Galapagos: Glamour aboard the Aqua Mare, Aracari Travel
Credits: Aqua Expeditions
Galapagos: Glamour aboard the Aqua Mare, Aracari Travel
Credits: Aqua Expeditions

Carefully curated for both style and substance

Whilst comfort and amenities make for the pinnacle of luxury adventures, the team at Aqua Expeditions have been careful to adhere to our own principles of authentic, experiential travel.

Each expedition will be led by 14 highly experienced crew members and 2 leading naturalist guides, making for one of the most personalized services available for a Galapagos Island cruise. Once anchored, guests will leave the Aqua Mare via military-grade speed boats to discover some of the world’s rarest scenery and endemic wildlife. And for those slower paced meanders through the Archipelago, the Aqua Mare carries premium water sport equipment, from double kayaks and paddle boards, to snorkelling gear.

The dining experience available onboard will also pay homage to the extraordinary surroundings, with a menu designed by stellar Peruvian chef, and co-host of Aracari’s ‘A Taste of the Amazon’  webinar from 2020, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.  Accompanied by the stars of both Northern and Southern hemispheres, your gastronomic voyage will begin with canapes of red crab and champagne, ending the evening with delights such as a silky 70% chocolate mousse, made using one of finest Ecuadorian cocoas.

Galapagos: Glamour aboard the Aqua Mare, Aracari Travel
Credits: Aqua Expeditions


Glide through the Galapagos in 2022

Given our unrivalled experience curating Galapagos Island travel, it certainly takes a lot for our team of expert Travel Designers to sit up and take notice. Aracari’s connections across the Archipelago, span from the best luxury Galapagos hotels to the finest Galapagos cruises, and to us – the Aqua Mare offers guests one of the most personalized and private ways of exploring the Islands that we’ve ever seen.

Galapagos: Glamour aboard the Aqua Mare, Aracari Travel
Credits: Aqua Expeditions
Galapagos: Glamour aboard the Aqua Mare, Aracari Travel
Credits: Aqua Expeditions


Setting sail in May 2022, the Aqua Mare will be available for 7 or 14-night luxury Galapagos adventures.

We’re delighted to see Aqua Expeditions have designed their trip durations to be totally in keeping with Aracari’s own recommendation for vacations to the Galapagos Islands – allowing guests the opportunity to explore the archipelago at a relaxing pace.

And in fact, it’s Aqua Mare two-week long expedition that has our team of travel designers completely charmed. This unique itinerary has been careful curated, dedicating an entire week to the Eastern Islands, before heading to the Western Isles for the second half of your vacation. A one-of-a-kind experience and the perfect example of slow travel, one very much aligned to our own philosophy, guests will uncover the true essence of the incredible Galapagos Islands, without haste or overscheduled itineraries.

Our longstanding partnership with Aqua Expeditions, will give Aracari guests privileged access to these first expedition dates, and as well as the chance to combine a superyacht experience with further exploration through Ecuador and Peru.

As the world continues to reopen, what better way to break your travel hiatus than with a journey that’s the very first of its kind. Marisol and our team will be delighted to connect you to the awe and wonder of the Galapagos aboard the Aqua Mare in 2022. Get in touch today, and start planning your great Galapagos adventure.



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