The city of Lima: 477 years old today

The Question:

Which Peruvian city celebrates its 477th anniversary today?

The Answer:

Founded by Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro on the 18th of January 1535, Lima today celebrates its 477th anniversary!!

The occasion was marked with a large party in the central plaza last night to celebrate. The evening began with a fantastic spectacle: 400 different artists performed onstage to represent the diverse mix of cultures that characterise the city, including flamenco guitarists, provincial music groups, traditional dancers and paso horses.

Revellers then counted down to 12 o’clock with a “grand serenade of lima” featuring music from the popular group la Sarita , the Creole singer Cecilia Barraza and the folkloric singer Amanda Portales.

An eclectic history

Lima was the prized and sumptuous capital of the sprawling Spanish colonial empire in South America from the 16th to 19th centuries, the administrative centre for vast swathes of land across several modern-day South American countries. Due to the proximity of the date to the Spanish holiday “dia de los reyes magos” or day of the three kings, it was given the name the ‘City of the Kings’.

The city’s past supremacy is revealed in its civil and religious buildings which still stand and are well-preserved, such as the Monastery of San Francisco, the Palace of Torre Tagle and the Plaza de Acho, the bull ring as well as many important churches.

Photos of Lima in all its glory:

One of the fascinations of Lima and Peru in general, is the concentration of ancient history in this area of South America. The origins of Lima pre-date the Spanish foundation of the city by several millennia, and the city is rediscovering its native roots. Its museums are full of the artistic treasures of magnificent pre-Columbian civilizations that flourished throughout the coastal deserts of Peru.

Lima was transformed in the 20th century because of the massive immigration particularly from the high Andes. As a result of this, it has adopted a new diverse and multicultural identity in permanent evolution.

In addition to the economic prosperity that Peru’s capital has enjoyed at the beginning of the 21st century, these factors all combine to make it a very exciting time to visit Lima. The city is a gastronomic hotspot and has been flouted as having one of the most innovative culinary scenes in the world; it is on the wave of a boom in contemporary art in Latin American cities; and it has a vibrant and indomitable character with all manner of exciting secrets, treasures and delights that await around every corner.

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