Luxury Peru hotels: Aracari’s rundown of up-and-coming hotels in Peru

In such an exciting year for Peru luxury travel, it’s time for Aracari to give our rundown of what hot new hotels are up-and-coming, in the pipeline and on the cards.

There is something of a hotel boom going on at the moment as this recent article from Hotel News Now has outlined, the perfect opportunity for Aracari – always first to be “in the know” – to give our lowdown of what we think will be favourites amongst our guests and discerning travellers.

We have squeezed our grapevine dry to bring you news on the following luxury Peru hotels, those of which we think will be the biggest hits. We have also used our best judgement and insight to give an indication of what we feel to be the most accurate timing for their respective openings. Enjoy!

Westin Lima – Complete – Confirmed opening May 2011

Luxury Peru hotels: Aracari’s rundown of up-and-coming hotels in Peru, Aracari Travel

Digital mock-up of Westin Lima

Anyone in Lima wondering what that shimmering tower of glass evaporating into the sky is, it’s the new Westin Lima. The second Westin to open in South America is expected to be one of the finest luxury hotels in the country for leisure and corporate travellers. It will boast uber-modern facilities, including an indulgent spa complete with indoor pool and the largest convention centre in the country, all fitted with state-of-the-art technology. The hotel is just minutes away from restaurants, art galleries, companies’ headquarters, banks, embassies and shops in San Isidro.  A total of 301 rooms will feature including a presidential suite, 16 executive suites, 12 junior suites and 7 rooms for the disabled. Full steam ahead for May!

Hotel Barranco – Project Stage – Expected opening 2012

Luxury Peru hotels: Aracari’s rundown of up-and-coming hotels in Peru, Aracari Travel

Digital mock-up of Hotel Barranco

The laid-back and elegant boulevard Saenz Peña is gearing up for the furore that will surround the opening of Hotel Barranco. This boutique hotel will be located in a refurbished historic mansion in the heart of Lima’s bohemian seaside neighbourhood of Barranco. The historic building will feature 18 suites, a private spa and a signature restaurant by Rafael Osterling, one of Peru’s internationally recognised chefs and owner of two of our favourite restaurants Rafael and El Mercado where he often gets involved as head chef.

Saenz Peña Boulevard in Barranco

The hotel sits in the heart of Barranco, sharing Saenz Peña boulevard with art galleries, trendy boutiques, luxury apartments and a diplomatic residence.  For private events and special viewings, the hotel will be able to connect with its neighbour, Lima´s leading art gallery – and our particular favourite – Lucia de la Puente.

Las Nazarenas –  Under Construction –  Expected Opening First half of 2012

Despite somewhat sporadic and confusing bursts of information from Orient Express, we have ascertained that their new offering Las Nazarenas will most likely open in the first half of 2012. It will be located in a convent of nuns of the same name –beaterio de Las Nazarenas, a block or so away from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. This building was built in the late seventeenth century for a congregation of women who bore the most holy name of Jesus of Nazareth. Charming original features of the property include an internal courtyard with a beautiful fountain.

Luxury Peru hotels: Aracari’s rundown of up-and-coming hotels in Peru, Aracari Travel

Under Construction – Las Nazerenas 

Orient Express have wanted to extend their other hotel Monasterio del Cusco – which is located right next door in Seminario de San Antonio Abad – to have exquisite suites but they found it difficult to get the permission due to their plan to build underground tunnels to connect the two properties. So they have decided, instead, to open a brand new hotel, which will chiefly feature suites funnily enough.

Costing a reported 14 million dollars to build, Las Nazarenas will be of an even higher standard than the opulent Monasterio and other 5 star hotels in both décor and the overall experience. Quite simply put, it will be divine and sublime with 56 wonderfully appointed luxury rooms and suites, a spa with five massage rooms, a gym, a relaxation room, hairdresser, restaurant, heated pool and business facilities. Yes please!

Las Arenas de Mancora – Under Construction – Likely opening March 2012

Now, we shouldn’t really be telling you this , but we heard on the grapevine that Las Arenas del Mancora is set for a makeover with the inauguration of some gorgeous new suites. These will be located on the best stretch of beach in Mancora with very ample and spacious surroundings – something of a tropical paradise. We’ve had a sneak peek of some photos and it looks exquisite. Prototypes are currently being completed, and projected opening is March 2012.

Hotel Nativa – Project Stage  – Expected Opening mid 2012

Luxury Peru hotels: Aracari’s rundown of up-and-coming hotels in Peru, Aracari Travel

Casa Moreyra, site for Hotel Nativa 

Reputed to be a pet project of Peruvian chef-come-celebrity-superstar Gaston Acurio, this hotel will be housed in the Casa Moreyra in San Isidro, Lima. Bearing a native Peruvian style, Nativa will reportedly be a part of a range of hotels that newfound hotelier Gaston plans to open across Latin America.

Casa Moreyra is a colonial hacienda whose owners previously held much of the land where now sits San Isidro. The home has recently served as a restaurant and we expect the new hotel to be exquisite; we should certainly hope it has some delightful cuisine to boot. The hotel is currently in the “negotiation stage” with architects and consultants although it is known that it will have very few rooms and will incorporate concepts of sustainability and environmental protection, as well as aspects of Peruvian culture both modern and traditional alike. Nativa should be ready for the high season in 2012.

The J.W. Marriott Cusco – Under Construction – Opening delayed until 2012

Luxury Peru hotels: Aracari’s rundown of up-and-coming hotels in Peru, Aracari Travel

Mercedes Araoz laying the foundation stone for JW. Marriot Cusco 

Despite being passed between 5 different sales reps at the JW Marriott in Lima, none of them could give us any details of their much anticipated new offering being built in Cusco. It was due to be opened in late 2010 but they have supposedly run into problems with permission to complete the property. Our sources in Cusco have told us that opening will be delayed until 2012.

Costing a whopping 40 million dollars, the new hotel is being built in the St. Augustine monastery, and will aim to preserve the few remains that were found in this colonial building such as an old chapel, colonial arches and even original Inca walls. The hotel will reportedly feature 144 rooms, six suites, a bar and restaurant, meeting rooms, amongst other facilities.

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned accommodations or you would like to stay there once they have opened, please do get in touch.

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