Hotels in Peru: Aracari Review of El Mapi, Newly Renovated Machu Picchu Hotel

El Mapi

Rating: 3 stars

Location: Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu

Altitude: (1900m./6000feet)

Formally known as the Machu Picchu Inn, Inkaterra’s El Mapi has undergone more than just a change in name and ownership as Aracari team member Cristina found out on a recent inspection of the hotel. The new proprietors have completely renovated the property to give it a shiny, modern looking appearance that is evident from the first approach right through to the smart, stylish and contemporary interior. The adornment of colourful flowers in both the garden and the interiors is a nice touch which is inkeeping with the natural materials used throughout the interior and exterior design.  But perhaps the key draw of the property is its convenient location just a few minutes’ walk from the train station «Puente Ruinas» from where trains arrive from Cusco and buses leave for Machu Picchu.


Each of the neatly furnished and very comfortable rooms has an amazing panoramic view of the towering tree covered hills that surround, and all are complete with a flat screen TV of 32 inches; the bathrooms have a hair dryer, various amenities, bathrobes, safe, telephone. There are 48 rooms in total; 40 of these are superior while the remaining 8 are classified as superior deluxe which are larger, have extra seating area with a sofa and a complimentary bar. All rooms are available with twin, double or king sized beds.


The hotel has hot water pool where guests are able to relax amongst other facilities. Also onsite is a gift shop with various bits and peices and quite handily a computing area where guests can check emails and print a document if they feel so inclined.


The food isn’t exactly the strongest aspect of El Mapi, but then it is generally difficult to find cuisine of the quality of Lima or Cusco in Aguas Calientes except at the highest end luxury properties. Nevertheless, the breakfast is tasty, and is composed of a nutritious buffet with fresh fruit, cereals, juices, waffles, sausages amongst other foods. Later in the day, the cafeteria menu is varied and is complete with main dishes, salads, soups, sandwiches and more.

And even later in the day, depending on preference, there is a well stocked bar with ample space to sit and enjoy a snack and a drink, perhaps a cocktail, while a plasma screen TV beams entertainment from above.


Cristina was most impressed with El Mapi’s conciousness towards caring for the environment. Such initiatives as recycling and reusing materials in their facilities are an indication of this, a delightful chandelier made of recycled bottles above the lobby being one good example. They also make a valient effort to encourage guests to reuse their towels, while natural materials are used in many aspects of the hotel design.

The Verdict

A good option for those looking to stay as close to the train station and Machu Picchu buses as is physically possible, though in all honesty most Machu Picchu Hotels in Aguas Calientes are within easy reach of the town’s transport system. Full plaudits to Inkaterra in their refurbishment efforts; this outfit continues to promote renovation of tourism and hotels in Peru and has gone all out to give the design of El Mapi an extra special touch, and it is great that they are attempting to impact the surrounding environment as little as possible.

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