Peru Holistic Retreats at Kichic and Delfin Amazon Cruises

Peru Holistic Retreats at Kichic and Delfin Amazon Cruises, Aracari Travel

Emily Shaw has created two holistic programs for 2019 that combine the best detox practices with plant-based kitchen skills using Peruvian ingredients and super foods such as coca leaves and powder, quinoa, kiwicha, maca, lucuma and corn, among many others. A chic beach retreat takes place in boutique hotel KiChic in Mancora, on Peru’s Northern coast, from June 21-28 2019. Later in the year, board a luxury river cruise with Delfin Amazon Cruises for a jungle retreat from October 6-13 2019.

Luxury Peru holistic retreat

Emily lived in Lima from 2006 until 2014. In 2011, she went to India to study the Ayurvedic system of Panchakarma, the oldest known system of detoxification. Upon her return she created a 7-day home detox programme with this new knowledge and all the amazing healing ingredients she had been working with and learning about from the Peruvian Amazon. “Peru is one of the most diverse countries I have ever been to and is extraordinarily rich in natural medicine and culture,” affirms Emily, whose brand Amaveda is the fusion between Amazonia and Ayurveda.

Transformational Travel with Emily Shaw of Amaveda

Emily has a culinary background and a lot of experience moving around Peru and connecting with the local culture, “Every place I went, I would start at the local market exploring unknown foods and medicine. I love to discover regional plants and their benefits for the people within that region. For example, when I first started spending time in the jungle I would always see the young girls eating this bright orange, almost neon coloured fruit. I then learned that this is aguaje, a palm fruit that hosts an extremely high amount of beta-carotene and produces a very rare and remarkable cosmetic oil. Beta-carotene and its breakdown Retinol (Vitamin A) are two of the most important antioxidants known to modern dermatology for protecting the skin against the damaging effect of sunlight. So it makes sense that this fruit is so widely eaten in an area where the sun is so strong. Aguaje oil is the hero ingredient in the Amaveda facial oil”.

“For me travel is an opportunity to increase physical and emotional health, wanting to return home enriched and rejuvenated with more enthusiasm and focus. Time is precious, and so are our holidays so we need to make them count. I also believe we are all waking up to the necessity of self-care in a far greater way than ever before in history, we don’t really have a choice anymore. Burn out, adrenal fatigue and other stress-related conditions are rampant so this creates the almost unavoidable need for wellness travel to grow.”

Destination Detox

“KiChic has such an understated elegance, laid back vibe and connection to nature that makes it the perfect scenario for a program that involves a great deal of personal transformation. The Amazon, on the other hand, is the center of the universe for anyone involved in natural medicine. Peru has it all to heal the world!” affirms Emily.

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Chic beach retreat at KiChic Mancora, June 21-28 2019
Luxury Amazon River Cruise Retreat, October 6-13 2019

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