The natural wellness remedies of Peru

The natural wellness remedies of Peru, Aracari Travel

Last month, we shared with you an exclusive preview of our brand-new wellness itinerary. The details of this unique wellness experience have been crafted by Marisol and her team, alongside the natural healing experts at Willka T’ika and the owner of Willka T’ika wellness retreat – Terry Cumes. 

Since then, we have been thrilled at just how many people within the Aracari community and beyond have been in touch to express their joy at discovering the option for luxury wellness travel in Peru. It was our belief that natural healing would become much sought after as international travel resumes, so we are delighted to have anticipated the trend so accurately. 

Our wellness itinerary is now open, welcoming travelers keen to rejuvenate and reset. But of course – with Aracari, the power of travel is truly transcendental. So, as well as extraordinary travel experiences in Peru, we also endeavour to bring Peru to you.

Wellness and Machu Picchu

Treat Yourself to a Luxury Wellness Retreat

12 Days / 11 Nights

Our experts – including Aracari Travel Designer Joanna Bossowska, who visited Willka T’ika in April – have collaborated Willka T’ika’s team of 19 Quechua farmers in order to share an exclusive glimpse into some for the herbal remedies used by generations of indigenous communities. 

For everything from stomach cramps to sprained ankles, this is ancient knowledge comes straight from the Sacred Valley direct to you: 


Mate de muña and other natural remedies for mountain sickness or soroche

Travelers who arrive in the Sacred Valley immediately feel the effects of the extreme elevation. This can cause what is known by the locals as soroche, or mountain sickness. Many travelers are welcomed with a cup of mate de coca, an excellent remedy for soroche. However, being so connected to local experts – Aracari’s team know of another herb that doesn’t have the same stimulant properties as the coca leaf. 

Mate de muña is equally effective with soroche, it has a distinct minty taste which helps with digestion and won’t keep you up at night. Muña is often mixed with kuñuka, another high-altitude medicinal plant. 

As well as herb infused tea, guests who book the exclusive wellness retreat with Marisol and her team, will also discover several other ways to distil these natural relaxants. 

The natural wellness remedies of Peru, Aracari Travel

Hinojo, apio, manzanilla and other natural remedies for stomach sickness

For stomachache, our local friends know there are a variety plants that grow native to Peru that can help. A common recommendation for an upset stomach is a mate mixed with combinations of hinojo (fennel), apio (celery), manzanilla (chamomile), and hierba buena (spearmint). 

For ‘cólico’ or constipation, the expert farmers will often pull a sprig of paico from the garden to add to the mate. And for traveler’s diarrhoea, one of the best kept secrets of the indigenous Quechua people is pepa de palta or boiling an avocado pip in water for 20 minutes.

The natural wellness remedies of Peru, Aracari Travel

Marrco, Maicha, Yanten and other remedies for physical ailments 

More active guests, who travel to Peru with Aracari to enjoy one of our many adventure itineraries, can sometimes encounter minor sprains and bruises. Fortunately, our guides are well acquainted with no than 17 medicinal plants that serve as anti-inflammatory agents, including: Marrco, Maicha, Yanten and Hierba de Cancer

For muscle aches, plant gurus might mix marcju with Santa María to warm the muscle. Or if there are bruises, a salve with yahuar chonka and llantén will reduce swelling and speed healing.

For bones the Sacred Valley’s famous ‘huesero’ or bone doctor will apply a paste of maich’a and chiri chiri. However, since a visit to the ‘huesero’ can mean a 4 hour wait (and a couple day’s wages for a local farmer), wild healing plants provide just the same curing qualities. 

The natural wellness remedies of Peru, Aracari Travel


Remedies for calming the Mind 

The benefits of plants and herbs reaches further than only physical ailments. Guests who travel for wellness with Aracari will discover the use of yoga, meditation, Andean ceremonies and massage to help re-center themselves. Infusing the experiences with the scents of the earth, alongside homemade essential oils, is all part of harnessing the true benefits of each of these natural remedies. 

The natural wellness remedies of Peru, Aracari Travel

Sábila, ruda and other remedies for everything else 

Of course, Aracari guests are always encouraged to ask our expert team for whatever herbal remedy they may need, ranging from a borage tea to soothe a cough, to some fresh sábila (Andean aloe vera) for a sunburn. And to ensure guests carry the spirit of Peru home with them, every guest on our wellness itinerary is given a sprig of ruda. Ruda is a powerful Andean flower used to ward off evil spirits or ‘mal viento’.  Friends of Aracari have used the flower to bring good fortune for generations, and so our guests take home the flower in the form of an essential oil to protect them on their onward journey. 

The natural wellness remedies of Peru, Aracari Travel

Next month, we’ll be sharing an insider guide from our Travel Designer, Joanna Bossowska – who visited Willka T’ika wellness retreat herself just this month. 

In the meantime, if you’d like any more information on traveling to Peru for wellness and healing, bookings are now open – so speak to Marisol and her team today. 

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