Things to do in Cusco for art lovers

Things to do in Cusco for art lovers, Aracari Travel

A Cusco Shopping Guide For Art Lovers

One of the best things to do in Cusco is to get to know the city’s artistic and cultural scene. A refreshing way to take in all the creativity that Cusco has to offer is by taking a walk through the city’s streets and peeking into inspiring galleries and shops along the way. Exploration like this (with a side of Cusco shopping, of course) can shine a light on Peruvian history, traditions, and legends in a whole new way. You’ll discover a whole new world worth preserving through Cusco shopping. You’ll also be supporting local art in the process.

One great way to tap into this type of adventure is through Aracari’s curated shopping experiences . We offer unique urban experiences that provide an understanding of both contemporary and traditional art techniques that shape Cusco culture.

Here is a sneak preview of the fantastic shops, galleries, and ateliers you can experience during a carefully curated experience by Aracari and our partners. If you’re wondering what to do in Cusco, this is the perfect place to start. Of course, with Aracari you will get much more:  an insider’s view through the company of your own “Friend in the City”  as well as unique engagement with the owners of the stores with whom we have a close relationship.

L’atelier Café Concept

Created by Ingrid Thieblemont, Parisian designer and fan of Cusco, this lovely store is known for its distinctive handmade jewelry. The shop offers a charming atmosphere and well-made products that can last a lifetime. Here you’ll also find designer alpaca clothing and Peruvian textile blankets and totes made using traditional techniques.


Isa Luna Galeria

Located in artsy San Blas, La Galeria is an absolute treasure trove of some of the best Cusco shopping, including fine jewelry, clothes, and home decor delights. You’ll find alpaca clothing and household goodies. La Galeria is well known for its pastel painted ceramic Pucara Bulls, which are an important symbol in Andean culture.


Arte Antropologia

Arte Antropologia is an excellent stop when you’re looking for a unique gift or souvenir to take home. This space is part museum and part store, all set in a lovingly renovated colonial mansion. You’ll find treasures and heirlooms from all over Peru that are well worth taking home.

Hilario Mendivil Museum

This former home of 20th-century artist Hilario Mendívil (1929-1977) highlights his work’s focus on Peruvian religion and iconography. One of the most distinctive traits of Mendívil’s work is the long, llama-like necks on many of his figures. It’s believed that this is because he may have seen llamas in Cusco’s Corpus Christi religious procession as a child and taken inspiration from that image. In the gallery, you can explore his maguey-wood and rice-plaster sculptures, and you can stop by the shop that sells Mendívil-style creations.



At Hilo, located in San Blas, you can find the work of Eibhlin Cassidy, a fashion designer whose creations are true works of art. Cassidy got her start by training in ceramics in her native country of Ireland, then became interested in textiles when she moved to Peru in 2003. Her fashions provoke questions and ideas that you normally wouldn’t encounter while picking out a new dress. Each piece is made from Peruvian-sourced materials, and you can find clothes made of 100% alpaca as well.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is a cultural hub restored from former ruins. This hotel, art gallery, and restaurant is well-known for its whimsical decor and art. The restaurant and gallery aim to offer a wide range of emotions and sensations. The artwork provokes strong reactions, and you’ll find a plethora of striking scents and sounds. You’ll notice innovative restaurant furniture, music, voices, and aromas all at once.


Iya Mayta

Founded in 2013 by a pair of siblings, Iya Mayta sells stunning alpaca clothing, jewelry, and accessories.​ This is an excellent store for fans of all things handmade. Iya Mayta’s pieces are made by Peruvian artists and artisans practicing traditional weaving and jewelry-making methods. They use top-notch materials like alpaca fiber, local stones, and silver. Iya Mayta also donations a percentage of proceeds to the non-profit Hawka Pacha, which is dedicated to creating a positive influence for local communities.


Las Polleras de Agustina

This delightful shop offers an innovative approach of combining traditional garments and modern fashion, both to keep culture alive and to create a modern style twist. Pieces here are made with traditional indigenous weaving, stitching, and embroidering methods.

If you would like us to organise your tailored experience to the best of Cusco’s boutiques, crafts workshops and fashion ateliers during your visit to Peru, do not hesitate to contact us today to create your own tailormade Cusco itinerary!

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