Astrid y Gastón: One of the Best Restaurants in Lima Peru

Astrid y Gastón: One of the Best Restaurants in Lima Peru, Aracari Travel

Lima, Peru is often referred to as the culinary capital of Latin America thanks to its selection of the top restaurants in the region, and three of the best in the world. We are spoiled with incredible dining options, ranging from home cooked meals at hole in the wall eateries to world renowned gourmet restaurants.

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Aracari Insight: A Few of the Best Restaurants In Lima Peru

As culinary travel specialists, we at Aracari take dining very seriously. The team has explored an array of the restaurants that Lima has to offer and has compiled our favorites in our free culinary guide. Five of those favorites are as follows:

  • Astrid y Gastón – Keep reading for a detailed review of the phenomenal restaurant.
  • Malabar – Creative fusion cuisine with a seasonal menu. Aracari offers a private 5-course cooking demo with celebrity chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.
  • Central – Recognized as the #1 restaurant in Latin America and #5 in the world, Central is one of the most sought after reservations on earth.
  • Rafael – A celebration of Peru’s diverse culinary history, the cuisine combines the finest ingredients found in the country.
  • amaZ – Known for its creative Amazonian flavors and drinks, the restaurant features products from the jungle like its chorizo oil-drizzled snails.

Astrid y Gastón, a flavorful evening at one of the best restaurants in Lima Peru

Recently I had a wonderful luxury dining experience at one of the best restaurants in Lima Peru, Astrid y Gastón, and I am thrilled to be able to share the highlights of my experience.

Dining at Astrid y Gastón is truly that, an experience. The restaurant is nestled in the cozy, upscale neighborhood of San Isidrio and lives in an elegant 17th century hacienda, or plantation house, known as Casa Moreyra. The mansion is majestic, equipped with beautiful dining areas, a top of the line bar, and even a garden for the kitchen.

Within the walls of Casa Moreyra there is not only a rich history, but an incredible culinary story. The restaurant is named after, and founded by, husband and wife pair Astrid Gutsche and Gastón Acurio, who met while studying at the famous Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Their flagship restaurant is credited with evolving Peruvian cuisine into its modern state and putting it on the global stage. Gastón himself is considered one of the most important chefs in the world, and is often referred to as the ‘ambassador’ or ‘architect’ of the Peruvian culinary movement.

Astrid y Gastón: One of the Best Restaurants in Lima Peru, Aracari TravelGastón Acurio came out of retirement to take over the kitchen when the previous head chef departed in 2015, so needless to say I was very excited that my luxury dining experience would be crafted by the legendary chef himself. The restaurant offers both a tasting menu, Menú Degustación, and an à la carte option. My boyfriend and I chose the former, a 14 course meal which allowed us to sample dishes of all varieties. Unsure of what we would receive, we were delighted with the range of items we tasted.

A Tasting Menu Influenced by the Sea, Land, and Diversity of Peru

Our tasting menu was divided into a few distinct sections. Starting with seafood, the menu began with five chilled courses in which the chef paid homage to the Peru’s 2,414km of Pacific Ocean coastline. We then received an incredible selection of bread and spreads, which are detailed as a highlight below. The bread was followed by the hot dishes, an interesting display of traditional Peru, and the ways European and Asian cultures have influenced Peruvian cuisine. Finally the meal finished with four courses of to-die-for desserts, each one better than the last.

Our Top Picks from the Evening

At one of the best restaurants in Lima Peru, it is hard to pick the most delicious of the dishes, but below are a few that stood out to us as especially unique and exciting:

  • The ceviche which was bathed in a unique leche del tigre, the Peruvian term for the citrus based marinade that cures the seafood. A tart passion fruit based tiger’s milk gave the dish an exquisite flavor, and perfectly cooked the tender pieces of fish.
  • The selection of warm breads including a warm camote, or sweet potato, roll, delicately salted and herbed focaccia, and a sweet purple bread filled with a delightfully fruity jam. A twist on the typical restaurant starter, the breads were accompanied by a selection of spreads with interesting Peruvian details. A homemade butter with salt from Maras in the Sacred Valley, a charcoal topped spread that had a surprisingly delicious after taste, and a picante, or spicy guacamole that did not disappoint.
  • A decadent duck taco inspired by chifa, the fusion Peruvian – Chinese cuisine that evolved thanks to the tens of thousands of Chinese immigrants who came to Peru in the late 19th century. The meat was lightly crisped, and served with garnishes on a tortilla made of the famous Peruvian purple corn, maiz morado.
  • Dessert included four courses, but the final hoorah was the most exciting. The waiter delivered a wooden box filled with bite sized treats, and we were able to pick five that looked the most delicious to us. I couldn’t resist the mini chocolate shot glass filled with Pisco, the madeleine made with the famous coca plant, nor a delightful homemade Peruvian cookie called an alfajor.

With two waiters attending to our table at all times, the service was impeccable. Courses were delivered with detailed descriptions of ingredients and flavors alike, plates were carefully decorated with edible flowers and delicious herb garnishes, and drinks and dessert were equally as immaculate as the meal. Not only was it a dinner, but the added details and explanations gave us the opportunity to learn about Peruvian history and ingredients as we worked our way through the many courses. The whole experience was truly luxurious, and we left full but very happy.

Worthy of the title as one of the best restaurants in Lima Peru, Astrid y Gastón is a must for any traveling culinary connoisseur or self proclaimed foodie craving unique yet traditional Peruvian flavors.

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