Touching base with our Peru travel guides; Aracari’s latest guide meeting in Cusco

Our Operations Manager Vicky has recently returned from Cusco after meeting with Aracari’s top guides in the region, one of several meetings that we organise throughout the year.

At Aracari, it is of crucial importance to us that we maintain the best of relations with those people who show our guests around Peru’s key destinations, and who have face-to-face contact with Aracari travellers during a tour of Peru. In an effort to continually improve our service as well as maintain our high standards, we meet with our guides to listen to their queries, suggestions and concerns and incorporate these into the development of our service – virtually unprecedented amongst travel agencies in Peru.

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This particular meeting, which was attended by around 23 of our guides, was held in the trendy restaurant Inka Fusion. As well as enjoying a spread of tasty appetizers, Vicky and the guides sat down to discuss new ideas, improvements to our service and recent experiences with Aracari guests.

Vicky also presented prizes to two lucky winners of our “Innovation” competition. We asked all of our guides in Cusco to come up with new ideas to improve and expand Aracari’s service with the alluring prize of either a stay at a mountain lodge in the Cordillera Blanca or a luxury jungle cruise along the Amazon for the best idea.

Both of our guides Fernando Silva and Juan Llanos had excellent ideas, so we decided to present both prizes, one to each of them, with space for them to invite a friend or significant other.

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Our approach to Guiding

We believe excellent guiding is the backbone of a successful luxury Peru tour, and well know that unless travellers have an insightful, highly-knowledgeable, dependable, fluent English-speaking gatekeeper, they will only scrape the surface of a destination with Peru’s depth and diversity.

All of our Peru travel guides are fluent English speakers and educated to degree-level in anthropology, music or education and the like. In fact, they are often working archaeologists or teachers who thoroughly enjoy sharing their detailed knowledge with our guests.

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As well as being passionate about their subjects and excellent communicators, they must be qualified in first aid, be respectful, responsible and dependable. As an aside, we also have a habit of selecting guides who are nice people with a good sense of humour.

Our guests regularly give us tremendous feedback for their guides. One guest even told us that they “didn’t even open the Peru book I bought … our guides were a better source!” .

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