Stephanie Borios, Aracari Specialist

Stephanie Borios, Aracari Specialist, Aracari Travel

Stephanie Borios is a French ethno-botonist who was trained in the UK and the US, and currently resides in Lima, Peru. She is an Aracari specialist in cultural anthropology and conducted her PHD research in the rural Lares area of Peru (just north of Cusco). Her education and background in academia, coupled with practical insight into the plants and people of the area having conducted research in remote parts of Peru, makes her one of the top Peru specialists to accompany Aracari guests on treks around Lares as a part of a private, tailormade trip to Peru.

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Stephanie Borios, Aracari Specialist, Aracari Travel

One of Aracari’s Top Peru Specialists: Stephanie Borios

Stephanie’s background and experience is unique, and crosses many countries. Originally from Southern France, her passion for botany and ecology first blossomed during her studies. She pursued a Masters in France in Biology, before heading to England to pursue another masters in ethno-biology at the University of Kent. During her time at the University of Kent, she headed to Peru for the first time to research the palm leaves in the Amazon. She spent time working and attempting to understand the different uses of the leaves in the jungle, for example why people might choose to make their roofing out of one type versus another.

Research in Peru

After her masters, she returned to Peru to volunteer and worked for 6 years at the non-profit Instituto del Bien Común. The organization carries out conservation projects for natural resources, as well as cultural resources. The subject interested her for both the social and biological aspects of this work, and Stephanie worked as an environmental educator- working in schools, creating materials, and translating relevant information from her scientist colleagues to local communities. This experience inspired her to head to the USA for her PHD in anthropology.

Again, during her studies she came to Peru to do more research- this time specifically in the Andes. She worked in an area around Lares (north of Cusco) studying life of the rural children in the Andes. Her research was focused primarily on how children learn about plants. Post PHD, Stephanie worked at US universities before moving to Lima, Peru permanently.

Expert Guiding in Peru with Stephanie

Stephanie Borios is a great specialist companion for guests with a particular interest in cultural anthropology or biology. She can accompany treks around the beautiful Lares area of Peru which passes through Andean communities, or meet with Lima travelers looking for a deeper and more technical conversation on ethno-botony.

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