Firing up the Best Pizza Around: Spizza Lima Restaurant Review

Spizza Lima Restaurant Review

Despite the ridiculously fresh seafood and a variety of tasty food options here in Lima, I’ve had a hard time finding substitutes for some of the things I love from back home, and oftentimes in the past year, I have found myself craving a taste of home.  Coming from New York and being raised in a family that for some time owned and operated pizzerias, it goes without saying that my  relentless craving was for some good pizza.  I was under the (perhaps ignorant) assumption that I would definitely not find anything remotely as good as back at home, but nonetheless I was on the hunt.  I sampled some places nearby the office, stopped in chains like Papa John’s, and even went out and purchased a pizza stone to experiment in my own oven, but nothing really satisfied that craving. That was until I found Spizza Lima in San Isidro…easily the best pizza to be had in Lima and what has become a weekly staple during my time in Lima.

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Before you even walk into this San Isidro establishment you immediately notice the smell of the wood fired oven, reminiscent of some of my favorite pizzerias back home and something pretty rare here in Peru.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the friendly staff there during my many visits.

After several visits, we eventually earned the status of “Regulars” and, proving our committed relationship to the restaurant, we were fortunate enough to sit down with co-owner Augusto Tenorio. Over some wine, we discussed our mutual love for pizza and learned how he first became involved with a Peruvian pizzeria.  His love for food, specifically pizza, and an influence by famous New York pizzerias like Grimaldi’s and Di Fara inspired him to start making pizza. Experimenting with different cooking techniques, dough recipes, and methods of retaining heat like lining his oven with bricks, Augusto eventually decided that this was something he could enjoy doing while making a living, and of course, realized that he was pretty darn good at it.

After finding the right location, the most important step was the oven. Tinkering with the idea to build his own, Augusto opted to hire a professional, a Peruvian man who had built a few other wood and brick ovens in Lima.  However, Augusto’s request was a bit different; he wanted a neapolitan-style, domed oven used to make a specific style of pizza unfamiliar to most people here in Peru. At over 400 degrees Celsius, pizzas at Spizza fully cook somewhere between 90 and 120 seconds, coming straight from the oven to your table.  A charred yet chewy crust, a tangy and slightly sweet sauce, and toppings of your choosing…all made with simple and flavorful ingredients come together to create Lima’s best and most traditional pizza.

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With several visits under my belt, I’ve made my way through the menu and definitely have some favorites. I would highly recommend trying a traditional Margherita (the test of any good pizzeria) and the namesake Spizza pizza, a perfect mix of sweet, caramelized leeks and salty prosciutto.  All of the pizza toppings are flavorful and fresh, and there are over 30 excellent combinations on the menu, but if you can’t find exactly what you want, Augusto and his team are more than willing to create new combinations to suit your tastes. Although I typically go there for the pizza, don’t overlook some of the antipasto like the nido di funghi, a mushroom and cheese stuffed bread, or some of the pastas like the spaghetti alla carbonara, both of which are tasty alternatives worthy of sampling. What began as a restaurant offering only a few specialty pies, Spizza’s menu has evolved to meet the diverse taste preferences of the customers and now offers several appetizers, salads, pastas, and desserts as well.

It’s easy to tell how passionate Augusto is about his work, and that passion shines through in the quality of the service and food. Spizza is without a doubt Aracari-approved recommended restaurant, specifically for anyone in the mood for pizza or italian food while in Lima.

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