Amaveda: Luxury Detox Retreat at KiChic Hotel Peru

Amaveda: Luxury Detox Retreat at KiChic Hotel Peru, Aracari Travel

Aracari is pleased to offer this 7-night Amaveda retreat, taking place 10 – 17 November 2017 at KiChic hotel. The retreat focuses on classical Ayurvedic detox practices and includes a full digestive system re-set, therapeutic bodywork, organic spa treatments, workshops, a three-day raw juice fast, Amazonian botanicals, superfoods, supplementation, twice-daily yoga, meditation, a wild Pacific beach and plenty of lounging poolside in one of Peru’s most exquisite hotels.

Amaveda: Luxury Detox Retreat at KiChic Hotel Peru, Aracari TravelAmaveda is run by Emily Shaw –  a certified nutritionist, detox specialist, plant-ally and formulator. Since 2006, Emily has been based in Peru studying alternative medicine from the Andes to the Amazon. You can read more about Emily and the Amaveda ethos on their website.

KiChic is one of Aracari’s favorite beach properties. Inspired by eastern concepts of Zen and meditation KiChic encourages guests to unwind and unplug – the perfect location for this luxury retreat. With the soothing sound of the Pacific waves, poolside area, and luxurious suites, it’s the perfect location for this special retreat.


 The Wellness Holiday

Treat yourself to a one-week vacation dedicated entirely to your own well-being: fully supported, fully pampered. As you relax into a week of luxurious detox and well-being practices, you will joyfully reconnect to self while supporting your body’s inherent ability to feel GOOD. Return to your life fully recharged, with more enthusiasm and focus. Your time is precious, and so are your holidays. Make them count. Read more about the retreat, 10 – 17 November 2017 here, and watch the video here.

Healing with Food

Amaveda: Luxury Detox Retreat at KiChic Hotel Peru, Aracari TravelOur healing-with-food philosophy is based on Ayurvedic curative dishes, macrobiotics, and gut-restorative celebratory meals. Each meal is created to boost digestion, heal the gut, support the detox process and delight the diner with subtle flavors, textures and colors. All ingredients are plant-based, local, seasonal and as organic as possible.

Providing the body with only raw vegetable extract is one of the best ways to help the body detoxify. Juice fasting breaks down excess fat reserves (where toxins are stored) and floods the body with restorative and detoxifying nutrients. The Amaveda juice fast is tasty, easy and effective in achieving the desired goal, since we properly prepare the body for the fast.

Amaveda: Luxury Detox Retreat at KiChic Hotel Peru, Aracari Travel

Throughout the retreat, we serve up a variety of innovative elixirs and tonics that support the detox protocol. Our liquid concoctions provide relief to the digestive system, soothe the nervous system, rehydrate the body and nourish the tissues. The libations include: revered South American detox-supporting herbs, alkaline cocktails, colon-cleansing botanicals, medicinal coffee alternatives, Amazonian adaptogenic tonics and the exclusive Amaveda Electrolyte Mineral Bar.

Detox Yoga

Detox Yoga is the effective synthesis of Pranayama (breath work), restorative postures and meditation with sweat-enhancing, detox-promoting Vinyasa. Detox Yoga supports the process by working directly with the lymphatic system, increasing oxygen absorption and aligning the physical and mental processes of detox. Morning classes are more vigorous, encouraging blood flow and perspiration, while evening classes focus on restorative postures and deep nervous system healing. All levels are welcome and supported.

Amaveda: Luxury Detox Retreat at KiChic Hotel Peru, Aracari Travel

Amaveda Products

All retreat guests receive the Amaveda Detox Product Collection, containing 100% natural
products to be used throughout the detox week and beyond. All products are small-batch, handcrafted
and formulated from the highest quality botanicals available. Many of the products made
for guests teach invaluable self-care Ayurvedic daily practices that allow the detox week to live
on, long after it’s over.

Rest and Relaxation

Deep restorative rest and relaxation is quite possibly the most underrated well-being practice there is. Cellular repair only happens when the body is at rest. Taking it easy does not mean you are being lazy; rather, you are proactively resetting your nervous system to be in the only state from which the body can detoxify and repair. The retreat week is loaded with sumptuous treatments and products designed to keep the body fully pampered and the nervous system relaxed. During the week, guests practice a 24-hour period of luxurious silence, allowing the mind to finally become still and moving us from “doing” to “being.”

KiChic – an Aracari favorite

Amaveda: Luxury Detox Retreat at KiChic Hotel Peru, Aracari TravelThe Amaveda Retreat holds all rooms at KiChic in Mancora, which creates next-level privacy and exclusivity. KiChic boasts a palatial open-air yoga studio, dozens of gorgeous shaded nooks to read, relax and nap in, and some of the most refined styled rooms in South America. Inspired by traditional local construction techniques using stone, wood and mud, KiChic is one of the most stunning and luxurious beach destinations in Peru and the perfect complement to the transformational detox retreat experience.

Aracari specialises in luxury, tailormade travel to Peru. If you’d like to participate in this retreat at KiChic, from 10 – 17 November 2017, as part of a trip to Peru, contact us or email

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