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Peru Luxury Hotels

At Aracari we have spent a decade combing every area of Peru to find the best, most charming and unique accommodation in the country. Yes, we can book you a beautiful room in a five star hotel, but we can also offer you accommodation on a private estate with fabulous views of the Andes, or an antique-filled room in a beautiful colonial mansion. There are around 100 quality hotels and establishments to choose from and we have visited each one personally during the last 12 months.


The star rating besides each property name corresponds to the ‘official rating’ of hotels in Peru. However, to give you a deeper understanding of what’s on offer, we have an additional ‘Aracari’ rating found under the hotel name, which is based on our judgment of quality, price, charm and service. ‘Homestay’ means staying at a private residence which may not have all the facilities of a hotel, but which often offers unique experiences and particularly charming accommodation.

Our Most Highly Recommended

At Aracari we are often asked what our favourite luxury hotels and accommodations are in Peru, so we have take the liberty of compiling a list of our most highly recommended hotels for you to consider.

A few more to consider

Not all of the hotels we like can be considered “luxury hotels” in the traditional sense, but this selection will give you a few more to consider. These hotels have been designed with intelligence and good taste while offering comfort and authenticity. And they aren’t quite as expensive!


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